Why should I choose SPEED TAXI “Five Stars”?

  • With SPEED TAXI you will be always on time.
  • We offer very comfortable and secure cars.
  • SPEED TAXI offers the best and the most competitive prices in the market.
  • The entire fleet of cars is equipped with free wireless internet.
  • You will be escorted by professional drivers with ethical communication.
  • We offer quick and easy reservation for any occasion.
  • Each car is equipped with GPS monitoring system to check in real time the exact location.
  • The company provides 24 hours service with very high standard.

How can I book SPEED TAXI?

Form 1: Call anytime, 24 hours, to book your taxi, in the phone numbers:

Operators will answer correctly and via GPS system, in a few minutes will bring SPEED TAXI car in service.

Form 2: Book online, at any time 24 hours, at our website www.speedtaxi.al. By clicking on the “Book Online” you can fill out the form with the necessary data and we will bring you a taxi at the time and place desired.

Form 3. Follow us on our facebook profile from where you can make direct calls from your mobile.

Why shoould I sign a contract with SPEED TAXI?

Signing a collaborationcontract with SPEED TAXI “Five Stars” as a business or as an individual, you will receive guaranteed discounts at the end of the month.

We offer favorable discountsfor business and family contracts.

We offer very high accuracy at times, speed and maximum comfort during your movement.

Do I pay more with a taximeter?

With SPEED TAXI you will feel a very comfortable ride with very favorable prices. Once you have given your destination and start the car, at that moment thetaximeter is on from 250 lek for the first km.

Unlike taxies that lack the taximeter which have the car start more than 300 Leke you pay a fictitious fee regardless of the kilometers you covered.

While with SPEED TAXI, you’ll pay as much as kilometers as the taximeterdescribed, you do not have to pay more.

Here we would like to mention one case. Someone told us today that to move from “Myslym Shyri” str., to ish Parku i Autobuseve, paid without taximeter 400 lek.

We assure you that with SPEED TAXI this trip would cost much less. Many of our customers have confirmed this.

If your question was not answered above, please do not hesitate to contact us: